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Kabuki Brush

Makeup foundations come in different variations such as cream, liquid or powder but finding the right foundation isn’t the first real problem. You need to apply it with something, and using your fingers isn’t the best bet you have. The type of foundation brush you use changes your whole makeup game. Among many options that you get, one essential makeup tool that stands out is a Kabuki brush. They are cute, compact and an all-rounder for applying different kinds of makeup products and below we will outline some of the best kabuki brushes available.

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush
Best Kabuki Brush
The fluffiest, the softest, the most high-end brush truly justifies its price. Our Editor tried out this brush on her face and couldn’t stop bragging about how soft it felt. The fluffiness of this brush is genuinely therapeutic. The finish of the product appliance is smooth and flawless. After trying many different products for application, the brush gave a seamless finish to them all! It is the best retractable kabuki brush without a second guess.[amazon box=”B00HRG544M”]

What exactly is a kabuki brush?

The kabuki brush was invented back in the 17th century for the first time. It was used by kabuki theatre performers to pack their signature white makeup. And there is also where its name comes from. Its use today is even much similar to centuries ago. It is used on the face to pack-in any products such as powder, foundation, blush, or bronzer. Kabuki brushes come with a big head full of dense bristles that help set the product onto the face without flaws or seams.

Traditionally, kabuki brushes come with short handles; however, many cosmetic companies offer different variations to them as well. If the bristles are dense, then your brush just falls under the “kabuki brush” tree.

Ahead, we will tell you about ten of the many brushes we tried and tested to pick the best kabuki brush for you. You can easily shop for the ones you feel most satisfied with! And if you are still using those dull, discolored makeup sponges to blend your makeup, you definitely need to get yourself a luscious, fresh-looking brush to make you look fresh!

1. [amazon link=”B00HRG544M” title=”Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush” /]

[amazon box=”B00HRG544M”]

The Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush is the brands most popular brush, and that too for the right reasons. It is known to have used “teddy bear hair” for the bristles, which tells a lot about the softness and the fluffiness of the brush. When swiped across the face, the brush just feels heavenly. It is an exclusive, super-soft fiber brush that holds and blends to the product really well.

The best part about this brush, and our first immediate attraction towards getting it, was the fact that the brush is a retractable one, which makes it very fun and convenient to use. The brush is long-lasting in the sense of durability, as the bristles are tightly packed in and do not shed even after washing. The brush also stays softer after washing with cleanser or shampoo multiple times and does not lose its softness.

The brush comes in an adorable pink packaging that is really pleasing to the eye. You can use it fully twisted to apply foundation and twisted halfway through to apply powder, blush, or bronzer. The brush really plays an all-in-one role with confidence.

2. [amazon link=”B018FYTG70″ title=”Lamora Flat Top Kabuki Brush” /]

[amazon box=”B018FYTG70″]

If you are looking to exceed your makeup expectation, then Lamora Flat Top Kabuki Brush is here to do that for you — it can definitely airbrush all those little spots away. The brush has silk-textured bristles that leave an exquisite feel on your skin.

The brush comes with a wooden wand and high-quality synthetic bristles. Undoubtedly, the Lamora flat top kabuki brush is the more luxurious brush you can get at an affordable price range. The brush is ideally used for foundation, and its flat, wide surface does its job well. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is one of the best kabuki brush for foundation.

The brush is durable, easy to wash, and stays good as new even after multiple rinses. It comes in three gorgeous colors, matte blank, baby pink, and crimson red!

3. [amazon link=”B00F008GFQ” title=”Flat Top Brush by Beauty Junkies ” /]

[amazon box=”B00F008GFQ”]

Ensuring a fuss-free making routine with this beauty! If you are still using your fingertips to blend that foundation in, you really need to stop right away. Now, you can get yourself a brush that doesn’t break your bank and does its job exceptionally well. Beauty Junkies Flat Top Kabuki brush does its magic flawlessly on your skin.

Now, say good-bye to uneven skin tones and hello to skin that will make heads turn! The brushes, high-quality, dense, and silky bristles apply the foundation evenly, and you can also use it for buffing and stippling as well.

The brush promises medium to heavy coverage without a problem. One of the most noticeable features about it is that it is made of natural-synthetic bristles that are cruelty-free!

4. [amazon link=”B07WH6YV1Z” title=”Georti Xuweigood Professional Makeup Brush” /]

[amazon box=”B07WH6YV1Z”]

Kabuki brushes are more than just all about the face! They can also be used for the body, such as give your collar bones the highlight and contour like the vogue-cover models. The Georti Xuweigood Professional Makeup Brush can not only be used by experienced make-up artists but also by newbies who want to flaunt their skills by having a professional finish to their makeup!

This brush comes with a curved shape that makes contour application more accurate than ever.

Moreover, it has an oversized wand, which is perfect for handling when dealing with more prominent parts of the body, such as when contouring the legs. We tried using this for applying a self-tanner, and it did the job correctly. It distributes the product onto the skin evenly without leave or missing out any spots due to its creatively crafted shape.

You can use it to apply both wet and dry products as well. It comes in a beautiful rose gold color, which makes it look super chic and cute all together! It is definitely a brush that can do a lot of different jobs. Our little multi-tasker, for sure. The size is perfect for its use, and the bristles are packed and do not shed easy.

5. [amazon link=”B00JLAOP3S” title=”Flat-top Kabuki Brush by Keshima” /]

[amazon box=”B00JLAOP3S”]

Are you tired of brushes leaving behind streaks and patches? Now, you can get a smooth finish every single time. This brush from Keshima will make you fall in love with your beauty routine all over again. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and the finish and quality of the bristles are just beyond belief.

The non-irritant fibers do not shed while applying the product nor while washing. It actually has a 7-stage no-shed formula, which makes the brush extremely durable. This is a brush staple for all makeup kits! You can use the brush to highlight, blush, and contour as well other than just foundation.

The brush is vegan-friendly and suits all budgets. It is ideal for medium to full coverage, so you don’t have to slap on a lot of foundation that just sits on your face without really blending into your skin. That’s not it, the brush can also help you achieve a fast application, so you do not have to be late for your events anymore just because you were letting your foundation set in!

6. [amazon link=”B001MX89Y8″ title=”EcoTools Kabuki Travel Brush” /]

[amazon box=”B001MX89Y8″]

Looking your best at home is not enough, and so having a kabuki brush always at your disposal can come in handy when you want to travel lightly and look your best at all times. If wanderlust is something of a hobby for you, then this ecotools make-up brush is what you need to have in your makeup arsenal. As the name suggests, ecotools makeup brush is eco-friendly and is made from some of the finest materials, making it one of the best kabuki brushes out there.

This brush is made from recycled products like aluminum, plastic, cotton, and fibers are made from bamboo. This product, however, is not suitable to use with wet products, but it works incredibly well if you use this brush with dry products like powder.

We all know that traveling can have an adverse effect on our products, and the chances of not getting dirt on your brush are near to none, so this brush also comes with a cap that can easily protect it against any dirt, dust, or damage.

7. [amazon link=”B07LBNV469″ title=”Daubigny Kabuki Brush” /]

[amazon box=”B07LBNV469″]

Ever thought about how perfect it would be if you can get done with your makeup in just 10 seconds? The Daubigny makeup brush offers just that with its massive size, easy to hold design, and bristles so soft, firm, and dense that they do not leave any pore left unchecked. Some people often have issues with blending and applying their foundation evenly; however, with this brush, the makeup is spread evenly and blended seamlessly, making this brush a perfect go-to.

With 200,000 bristles having a flat top, you can be sure to get streak-free makeup, and with the use of light materials like plastic, this brush provides longevity and lightness that will make this job seem effortless. Moreover, the bristles boast good quality that not only makes it the best kabuki brush for powder foundation but also the best kabuki brush for liquid foundation.

The premium quality of bristles ensures no shedding and always on-point makeup. As the bristles are good enough for the liquid foundation, it is also easy to clean, unlike many other kabuki brushes. This brush can easily be rinsed with warm water and then air-dried to keep the bristles’ shape as good as new. A case provided with the brush also ensures that no dust can alter the quality of the brush. With a brush as good as this, you can be sure to get impeccable quality makeup every single time.

8. [amazon link=”B00373HS7K” title=”E.l.f Kabuki Brush” /]

[amazon box=”B00373HS7K”]

The brush by e.l.f is one of the best kabuki brushes out there that are made light and can do flawless makeup in the blink of the eye. The dense bristles of this brush make for some streak-free makeup that covers all the pores and leaves no spot untouched. This brush also has a wide top making it easy for the foundation to mix and get a good look. This brush can not only take care of getting a dry foundation but also liquid foundation. The round, minimal design made from light materials ensures a good grip and ergonomic design that is easy to hold.

Another factor that this brush exceeds other brushes is that it is made entirely from eco-friendly materials meaning that this brush can also be called a vegan kabuki brush. The bristles are soft and can easily be rinsed with warm water, and so no matter where you travel and what you do, you can quickly rinse this brush to get a perfect look even on your travel diaries.

We love this brush and always keep it at arm’s length to get good results at any time.

9. [amazon link=”B01IHCQ7U4″ title=”Matto Kabuki Brush” /]

[amazon box=”B01IHCQ7U4″]

As the name of this brush suggests, it has a short handle and dense bristles on top, this brush is among some of the best kabuki brushes out there that is made for traveling. The aluminum handle ensures lightness, and the wide top provides quick foundation makeup. This ergonomic design of this brush’s handle ensures that you can easily grip it in your fingers, and even though your car may be jumpy, your makeup will be on-point. We found this brush to be the best kabuki brush for mineral powder application.

Unlike the other travel-friendly brushes, this brush is not only suitable for dry foundation, but it also works wonders with mineral foundation. The high quality of bristles offers non-absorbing capabilities that can ensure evenly spread foundation and makes it easy to clean afterward.

This brush can produce results that look like air-brush finish, and the use of all the eco-friendly materials can ensure that they are easy on your skin and provide useful long-lasting results. Although the brush does not absorb any foundation and is easy to clean, it does not come with a case, making it hard to keep it away from dust and dirt on my travels. A simple wipe can clean it, but it is nice to have a case to keep it clean.

10. [amazon link=”B01JZAMNXM” title=”Matto Bamboo Brush” /]

[amazon box=”B01JZAMNXM”]

Getting a perfect look, no matter what foundation you want to try is the goal of getting this makeup brush. This brush comes in a pair giving you peace of mind that you will get the best of both worlds. The flat brush is considered to be the best kabuki brush for the liquid foundation, while the powder brush is known to be the best kabuki brush for powder foundation or mineral foundation. The wood design handles of these bushes offer a good grip, and minimal design ensures that you can take these on travel with you.

Like some other brushes on this list, these brushes are also vegan and are 100% cruelty-free making it easy for your skin. The evenly spread out bristles can ensure that you can quickly get done with your foundation without missing a spot or getting a streak. These brushes are hand-crafted by some professional makeup artists, giving you a look similar to that seen in fashion magazines.

The premium quality materials used in this brush ensures that the bristles do not fall off or get disoriented, giving you a perfect, flawless look every single time you use them.

Buyer's guide: what is the best kabuki brush for me?

If you have just recently come across kabuki brushes and want to be able to use them for applying your complexion products but are not sure of what kind of brush to get, then let us tell you all you need to know.

Kabuki brush shopping is easier said than done; you have to consider several factors before buying your brush. If you are not aware, even the most expensive brush might just go to waste. Read our buyer’s guide, essentially written for all kinds of makeup lovers. Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking for an upgrade, these are the points you need to put into consideration.


Kabuki brushes come in two types, and both of them have a different purpose. The first type is the flat top kabuki brush, which is essentially used for applying foundation. The brush will buff, blend, and bake with much ease because of the unique flat design. With this brush, the product can be blended onto your skin and build the right coverage as well as maintain it. The product distributes on to the face evenly without leaving behind any patches. Whether you want to have full coverage or shear down a light coverage, it can be used for both.

Now comes the other type of brush, which is known as angled or round kabuki brush. Many would not be aware of the difference between the two, but it is actually simple if you look into it. The flat brush has a flat top, and the round brush has a round one, much similar looking to a top of a macaroon or a burger bun. Excellent reference, isn’t it? Unlike the flat brush, the round one is used to apply more angled products on to your face. It is used to apply blush, bronzer, or to apply powder on your face. The brush comes with a lesser surface area, because of which it is easier to use the product at specific spots.


Make sure to buy a kabuki brush made from the right material. Ideally, you should check whether the brush’s bristles are soft enough, as you will be using the brush on your face most likely and hard, uneven bristles can damage your skin and give it tears and maybe even cuts. So, be sure to buy one which is softer and feels light on your skin. Other than that, check the Kabuki brush’s wand to see if it is sturdy and durable or not.


The denser the brush is, the better the application of the product will be. A less dense brush will not apply the product evenly and will also absorb the product into itself without leaving much for you to use. So, pick yourself the densest one that you can find if you want your face to have that smooth and flawless finish to it.

Typically, a kabuki brush is meant to apply foundation, setting powder, bronzer, or blush. The dense brush helps the spread for a medium-to-full coverage by buffing the product on the skin without absorbing any of it. They are ideally much recommended to use for fine face powders and have been used for that purpose, popularly.

Among the list of things, a kabuki brush can indeed be used for foundations, BB or CC creams, cream foundations, and even tinted moisturizer. It is best to try a flat-top brush for applying foundation and an angled-top one for applying different makeup products such as liquid contour. The tightly-packed bristles help buff the formulas on the skin smoothly.

  • To clean a kabuki brush is very simple. All you need to do is, rinse the head of the brush in lukewarm water, then to clean out the leftover makeup product residue, use a shampoo or a brush cleanser. Then rinse it in water, until the water is clear, and you feel that all the product is now away from the bristles.

The flat-topped kabuki brush is most commonly and popularly used to apply foundation because they cover more surface area with much easiness. Other than that, the angled one is used to apply other products as they have been used more accurately.

Simply dip the kabuki brush into the loose powder, then lightly tap to drop any excess product and after that, sweep the product onto your key areas such as under eyes, cheekbones, the sides of your nose, and your temples, and you are good to go!

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