Top 10 Best Heated Eyelash Curlers

Heated Eyelash Curler

Having long, beautiful, luscious curled lashes is every girl’s dream — which makes eyelash curlers becoming more and more desirable in everyone’s makeup bags and what is better than a heated eyelash curler? The market offers various types of lash curlers, ranging from scissor-like metallic mechanical ones to cute-colored plastic ones. In fact, eyelash curlers are so popular that you can find them anywhere. Yes, at makeup stores, at convenient stores and even at the drugstore!

Wu-minglu Heated Eyelash Curler
Best Heated Eyelash Curler

We love ourselves an extra-looking, dramatic curl that is painless, quick and easy to do. And without a doubt, as our Editor says, Wu-minglu’s ticks all boxes. The curler is the best heated eyelash curler without a second guess. It does what it is meant to do with ease and utmost perfection, no mess, no burns, no damages, just beautiful looking eyes within seconds. We recommend you dearly, to try this one out yourself, and you would not regret it.

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What are some of the best heated eyelash curlers?

One type of Eyelash curler that supersedes all others are the Heated Eyelash Curlers! They work considerably better than the traditional ones. They can make your eyelashes have a deeper curve and also make the curl last longer than usual. So, now you can party all night with the girls and keep the doe-eyed look intact. However, with so many brands in the market, it is hard to find the right one. And knowing some of the harmful side-effects, it can also become a difficult and overwhelming decision to make. This is why we have tried and tested many available brands in the market to come to you with the top 10 best heated eyelash curlers you can find in 2020.

1. [amazon link=”B07YQHG55H” title=”Wu-minglu Heated Eyelash Curler” /]

[amazon box=”B07YQHG55H”]

Are you looking to get the perfectly shaped eyelashes in the snap of fingers? Look no further than the Wu-minglu Heated Eyelash curler that comes with an advanced heating wire that heats this curler in under 10 seconds. Being heated at a rapidly pace is not necessarily the best news for your eyelashes. So, this curler also comes with additional protection that safely heats the curves while maintaining distance from the heating wire, making it safe for your extension and real eyelashes.

The Wu-minglu curler includes three heating modes making it suitable for every type of eyelashes. Moreover, this product also has a curve in its design that gives it the shape of the original eyelashes, making it easy, one swipe function for perfectly shaped eyelashes. This product has an internal rechargeable battery that can get charged in under 2 hours, providing up to 125 minutes of battery time.

The curler, however, does not come with easy rinsing operation and so wiping it with a tissue or clean cloth will make this suitable for another use. Wu-minglu Heated Eyelash Curler also promises to deliver 24-hours of long-lasting effect, making it once a day routine for all-day perfect looking eyelashes.

2. [amazon link=”B0009DT39W” title=”Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler” /]

[amazon box=”B0009DT39W”]

The Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler has everything one needs to get perfectly shaped eyelashes. Some have a heating system that heats the eyelash comb unevenly, giving you an oddly shaped eyelash. With the Panasonic heated eyelash curler, the brush gets evenly heated, providing for perfect eyelashes. The non-stick silicone is an added bonus at even the highest heated point; you can be sure that the curler will not burn your eyelashes, be it real or extensions.

Panasonic heated eyelash curler boasts a sleek, minimal design with a one-button operation that can give you perfect eyelashes on the go. Moreover, this curler runs on cells and so having the inconvenience of charging it continuously and losing all the charge on your travel will not be an issue. A single cell in this curler can work for up to 45 minutes which are more than enough to get your perfect look and have some charge spared for later. Looking your best at home, events and even adventures have never been this easy.

One of the problems that people face with rival curlers is cleaning them, but now we have an eyelash curler that has addressed that issue; with easy rinsing under warm water, this curler can be easily cleaned, without being damaged. Easily, all of this makes it one of the best heated eyelash curlers of 2020.

3. [amazon link=”B08HMLFPD3″ title=”Heated Eyelash Curler by Peipai” /]

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Gone are the days when one needed to use the eyelash curler numerous times throughout the day. The Heated Eyelash Curler by Peipai provides the convenience of making eyelash curling a once-a-day operation. With the advanced version of nickel-chromium heating wire, it is easy to heat this eyelash curler in under 20 seconds, and the adaptive design of the groove makes it easy to get finely shaped eyelashes in no time at all.

Like the previous product, this product also has a built-in battery that is easy to charge and can last for a long time. Some people have straight eyelashes that are quite difficult to get in shape; however, with this curler, we felt like it was easy and one swipe job. One pro tip for all the ladies out there, for long-lasting results, try putting your mascara before you using an eyelash curler.

The Peipai Heated Eyelash Curler boasts two modes that make it easy for every type of eyelash to be perfectly shaped. Moreover, this curler is intelligent, and it detects inactivity, meaning that if you do not use the eyelash curler for more than 10 minutes, it will automatically turn itself off to save battery and boost product and environmental safety.

4. [amazon link=”B08596X9L4″ title=”HOCOSY Electric Eyelash Curler” /]

[amazon box=”B08596X9L4″]

Having perfect eyelashes, like the ones we often see in beauty magazines is a dream for many people out there and so for them, here is a product that can make them feel like they have the ability to transform their eyelashes into something out of the norm. This Electric Eyelash Curler by Hocosy has a tooth comb separated by 5mm each, making each hair of the eyelash seem like a perfect stroke of brush made to look straight out of a painting.

Like some other products on this list, this product provides fast heating speed spread throughout the comb evenly making the distance between the eyelashes equal. Moreover, this product also boasts two temperatures; one for the real eyebrows and high temperature for the extensions, making it easy for eyelashes to be easily shaped. Also, it is the best heated eyelash curler for lash extensions.

The LED on this machine can effectively tell the user about the temperature of the device. This machine also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee meaning that if you do not like it or get some issue, you can always return it within the given margin of time.

5. [amazon link=”B08FCP2TQG” title=”Demonlick Electric Eyelashes Curler” /]

[amazon box=”B08FCP2TQG”]

We all love to have good eyelashes curls with a minimal amount of effort, and so here you have a product that can help anyone in getting beautiful eyelashes curls in no time at all. With the ability to get heated in under 10 seconds, and the brush that is perfect for having curls that look good even on your bad days, this product ought to be one of the best products out there.

Some people have thin, soft eyelashes that are hard to curl. So, we feel like they would find convenience in this product as it offers three different temperatures, the low temperature being suitable for the soft eyelashes and the high temperature being good for heavy eyelashes like extensions. Moreover, this eyelash curler also offers safety and does not let the eyelashes get burned by keeping distance between the eyelash hair and the heating rod enclosed in the eyelash curler.

This eyelash curler is similar to others in the list as it also offers an arc-shaped curler head that represents the shape of the natural eyelashes; thus, making it easier to use this product and quickly get done with the eyelashes. Moreover, the Demonlick Electric Eyelashes curler also comes with a giant built-in battery that can quickly charge via USB cable.

6. [amazon link=”B07Z4Z9FZP” title=”JDO Electric Heated Eyelash” /]

[amazon box=”B07Z4Z9FZP”]

The dreaded eyelash pinching is a thing of the past. JDO heated eyelash curler comes with a lash comb, making the eyelash curling process much simpler and more manageable. If you are always rushing, then this curler will do your justice. It only heats up in 7 seconds, and you can just quickly curl your lashes and head out. The heated curler gives the eyelashes a natural uplift that doesn’t look too fake.

Moreover, the color indicator on the curler also shows when it is ready to be used. It accommodates four temperature settings and also provides safety with 3D Thermostat Technology, which automatically regulates the temperature if it’s too high, avoiding any incidents that might occur. The curler is charged with a portable USB charger, making it easy to take with on-the-go.

It has a sleek and sassy design which is relatively easy to manage and clean. All you need is a wipe to clean it off, double-sided and it’ll be ready for the next use. The heated eyelash curler is designed with such innovation that beginners can also use it with expertise.

7. [amazon link=”B07BT3Z55R” title=”Avocado Heated Eyelash Curler” /]

[amazon box=”B07BT3Z55R”]

If you are someone who is frustrated with traditional eyelash curlers and want to try something new, then the Acavado Heated eyelash curler is your new best friend. We chose this eyelash curler to be one of those that can easily be used by teenagers as well! The eyelash curler, unlike many others, has two different heating modes that are meant for thin and thick lashes, respectively.

Moreover, this one is perfect for those who like to sleep in a little late in the morning, because the eyelash curler saves up the heating-up time. It only heats up in 7 to 8 seconds, saving a lot of time. Not only is it quick, but it also keeps the lashes stay curled for longer. The eyelash curler only gets a little warm instead of getting heated intensely; to save you from burning accidents. 

The Avocado Heated Eyelash Curler will give you complete control to do your lashes the way you want to. It comes with a set of simple instructions that you can follow with ease. And a plus point is that it comes with its little cleaning brush that you can use to clear out any dust, hair or mascara built-up. The curler can be easily charged with a USB charger, which means no more batteries.

8. [amazon link=”B07XKTMR3K” title=”YCIGFUNS Ceramic Electric Eyelash Curler” /]

[amazon box=”B07XKTMR3K”]

Now not only can you curl your top lashes but also the bottom ones! The YCIGFUNS ceramic electric eyelash curler comes with a double-sided brush. All you need to do is, heat up the eyelash curler, which by the way, would only take ten seconds, then apply mascara and gently press the comb at the base of you lashes, as far as you can but not too close to the eye-lid, hold for 15 seconds, and voila! Your full lashes now make you look more awake and ready to go!

The eyelash curler has the power to keep your curl looking thick and curvy for a long time. It comes with a small LCD that shows you the temperature so that you can monitor that without a problem.

The comb of the curler is not only durable but also has an evenly-spread heating system which can help you curl your eyelashes in one go. It also has an anti-scalding protection groove quality which protects your eyelashes from getting damaged. It is painless to use and will slide right through your eyelashes. It comes with a USB charger that makes it easy to charge anywhere and everywhere.

9. [amazon link=”B074PQYCVV” title=”TOUCHbeauty Heated Eyelash Curlers” /]

[amazon box=”B074PQYCVV”]

If you are looking forward to taming your stubborn eyelashes to give them that jaw-dropping curl, we have found you the remedy. The TOUCHbeauty Heated Eyelash Curler can fix the wildest of eyelashes! Its unique and innovative design fits perfectly for many different eye shapes and softly gives the eyelashes the correct lift and stays in place for a whole day.

Its fast heating system helps you cut off the time on your regular beauty routine. Having dealt with harsh metallic eyelash curlers, your eyelashes must have been through a lot of trauma! But with this heated eyelashcurler, your eyelashes can find the time to heal and to grow again, effortlessly.

The heated eyelash curler uses batteries that you can also replace with rechargeable ones if you prefer. The small-sized body of the curler can easily fit into your bag and is easily portable.

10. [amazon link=”B07VDT2Z3Z” title=”Cherioll Long Lasting and Quick Heating Heated Eyelash Curler” /]

[amazon box=”B07VDT2Z3Z”]

Cherioll is one great cosmetic product manufacturer, and they have done their job reasonably well in designing their amazing Cherioll Long Lasting and Quick Heating Heated Eyelash Curler. The design and usability of this eyelash curler are iconic.

The eyelash curler leaves you with naturally deep, undamaged, and curly lashes that will sweep anyone off their feet! The eyelash curler is quick to warm up, and reaches its optimum temperature within 10 seconds, making it time-efficient.  What’s more, you ask? Well, this eyelash curler also evenly divides the heat in your eyelashes, making even thick and long eyelashes easy to curl.

Moving on, you can easily slip the curler into your handbag and carry it wherever you like, due to its slim and minimal design. With its convenient use, you can do your eyelashes with more ease and also the system is made in such a way that it promotes the growth of your lashes.

Buyer's Guide: what is the best heated eyelash curler for me?

To level-up your eyelash game, you need to find yourself the best, heated eyelash curler that suits your style perfectly. As a beginner, it might be a tough decision for you to make, or if you want to try out something new, you should know what you are going for.

If you end up picking the wrong type of eyelash curler, chances are your experience might end up as a disastrous one. Instead of acing the lash game, your lashes would just be pinched, pulled and crimped, and that’s not a tasteful sight to see. And to help you avoid being in a situation like this, we are going to guide you through the three main components you need to keep an eye out for, while you buy your next heated eyelash curler. 

1.  Style
There are two styles curlers that exist. One is the wand-style, and the other is clamp style. If you have sensitive, sparse and short lashes, then we recommend that you go for the wand heated eyelash curler. However, if you have thick, long lashes, then it would be wiser to pick the clamp style heated eyelash curler. Frequently, the only eyelash curlers available are the wand ones.

Heated eyelash curler wand can be found in a comb-like shape at the top, which makes it easier to apply the heat more evenly and also assists in curling the eyelashes upward in a more convenient manner, similar to how you would apply mascara.

As a beginner, if you are still in the learning phase, it would be best for you to choose a clamp style curler since they are close to traditional eyelash curlers and comparatively more effortless to use than the wand ones. If you are going for the curve or uplifted bend, this curler would just serve you right.

2.  Eye Shape

How curvy your eye is or the shape of them matters when you’re hunting for the right heated eyelash curler. With flatter eyelids or small eyes, make sure that the head of the curler is flatter. Likewise, if you have round, big eyes then your best bet would be getting a wide clamp heated eyelash curler.

3.  Material

In case your skin has an allergic reaction when it comes into contact with metal, it is better that you choose an eyelash curler made of plastic.

Moreover, if you need sturdiness or durability, then you should go for a metal body eyelash curler.  On the other hand, depending on your circumstances and lifestyle, such as if you travel a lot, and need a portable and compact heated eyelash curler, then pick one with plastic material, especially if you do not plan to use it too often.

Due to the heat of the heated eyelash curler, it is possible that it might make your eyelashes dry and brittle. To avoid this from happening, you are recommended to use eyelash serum regularly and to keep your eyelashes moisturized daily. Also, do not overuse the heated eyelash curler for long periods, and follow the instructions correctly of how to use your chosen product.

If you wish to lock in the curl for a longer time, then yes, a heated eyelash curler works perfectly. You need to use it carefully to avoid yourself from burning. But in means of effectiveness, heated eyelash curlers are designed to do better than traditional ones, whereas some of them can keep your curl intact for almost 24 hours. For better results, you need to coat your eyelash with a healthy amount of mascara to lock the curl further.

  • Yes, they are. One of the many advantages of heated eyelash curlers over the regular ones is that they are gentler to use. Where the traditional, eyelash curler would tug or pull out your eyelashes, these work with precision and are not harmful to your eyelashes in that matter. Other than that, they also hold the curl for a more extended time period.

Extensions come with already existing curls, and curling them with a mechanical curler would be a grave mistake. However, if you do want to give your extension a deeper curve, then using a heated eyelash curler would be a better option. Mechanical eyelash curlers prematurely damage the extension and are not recommended at all.

Each eyelash curler comes with its own setting. But if we speak generally, it takes about 30-90 seconds to give your eyelash the perfect curl. Make sure to go with your tolerance level to see if your eyelash curler is not getting too warm that it causes any damage. Use with safety and precaution while using any electrical or heating appliances.

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