Top 10 Best Drugstore Lip Stains

Drugstore Lip Stain

If you want to add a quick hint of color to your look or want to look presentable and fresh, applying lipstick will make a huge difference. However, at times one wants only a flush of color on the lips rather than a full-fledged matte or bright look. What to do in this case? Use the best drugstore lip stain!

Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Color
Best Drugstore Lip Stain
Rimmel is not a new name when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, and just like their other products, the Provocalips Lip Color is also nothing less than impressive. It is a transfer-proof lip stain that has a colored and transparent side. The colored side adds a natural flush of color to the lips, while the transparent topper gives it a glossy finish making it one of the best drugstore lip stains in the market.[amazon box=”B019F0F8DE”]

What are the best drugstore lip stains?

Lip stains add a magical hint of color on the lips without being too prominent. You can use a lip stain when you are looking for a more subtle glow. Plus, lip stains are also more moisturizing as compared to lipsticks and lip glosses.

There is a huge difference in the formulation of the products as well. Lip stains have a lighter formula that does not feel heavy on the lips. A lip stain will never feel greasy on the lips. Plus, if you are looking for an affordable alternative to lipsticks, lip stains will be the perfect match for you.

Now that we have discussed what lip stains are and how they are different from lipsticks and lip glosses let’s go ahead and share our top ten best tried and tested drugstore lip stain recommendations. All of the lip stains listed are drugstore products, so they are easily available and extremely affordable, making them an ideal choice for people on a budget!

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in and share the products we truly believe in:

1. [amazon link=”B019F0F8DE” title=”Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Color” /]

[amazon box=”B019F0F8DE”]

If you are in search of a lip balm that can add a flush of color but, at the same time, allow you to choose if you want to finish up the look with some gloss, the Rimmel London Provocalips will be an ideal match for you.

The product comes with two sides. One of them is the base coat that can either be used to moisturize the lips or top off the stain for some shine. The other side contains the color pigment. The formula of the lip stain is lightweight and moisturizing. The applicator of the lip stain is also worth mentioning. It gets into the nooks and crevices to allow you to shape your lips the way you want to.

It is also transfer-proof, so you can enjoy your favorite meal or drink anything without having to deal with blotchy lips. There are sixteen color variants for you to choose from.

2. [amazon link=”B008HP2VRU” title=”Revlon Balm Stain” /]

[amazon box=”B008HP2VRU”]

The Revlon Lip Balm Stain comes in a crayon stick. This makes it very easy to carry around and even more convenient in terms of application. The lip stain has a moisturizing formula that locks in the moisture and prevents chapped lips.

The overall application of the crayon is also creamy as it glides on the lips, leaving a gentle color. Enriched with shea butter, mango, and coconut extracts, the lip balm smells great and looks even better. All the ingredients are natural and help to maintain soft and plump lips that look and feel great!

It is available in a total of eight different color variations, out of which five are slightly shimmery. It is a retractable crayon, so simply twist and use the product rather than having to go through the hassle of using a sharpener.

3. [amazon link=”B06XSM9SPS” title=”Golden Rose Lip Marker ” /]

[amazon box=”B06XSM9SPS”]

If you want a lightweight and gentle lip stain, the Golden Rose Lip Marker will not let you down. The marker style pen is quite impressive. The tip of the marker is soft and glides perfectly on top of the lips. Plus, the narrow tip allows users to shape the lips as desired.

An amazing characteristic of the Golden Rose Lip Marker is the fact that the users can build up the color as desired. If you only want a slight tint of color, you can go ahead with a single application. But if you want to build up the color, go ahead and re-apply a couple of layers to intensify the lip color.

The lip marker contains moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and aloe vera that lock the moisture inside the lips and softens them. The color of the lip stain is long-lasting and smudge-proof, so it will neither fade away nor bleed outside the lips. It is a moisturizing lip stain that lasts for the entire day.

4. [amazon link=”B006BL1S58″ title=”Benefit Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain ” /]

[amazon box=”B006BL1S58″]

Looking for a lip stain that can also double up as a cheek stain? Look no further! The Benefit Benetint is a two one product that you can use to add color to your lips as well as to your cheeks. The tint has a liquid formula that is easy to blend. Blending the tint is so simple that you do not even need a brush or a sponge to do so. Simply use your fingers and blend in a circular motion to settle in the product. 

Once applied and blended, the tint dries almost immediately to provide a subtle shade of color. Since it is a water-based formula, it does not clog the pores and sits on the skin perfectly. You can build up the intensity of the color by applying another layer if you want to. Another plus is the fact that it does not have any flavor or fragrance.

It comes in travel-friendly packaging, and the shades are quite inclusive. They look equally good on skins with all types of undertones. The applicator is also perfect since it takes out just the right amount of product that is neither too much nor too little. You will surely agree that this is one of the best drugstore lip stains on the market.

5. [amazon link=”B004SGZ610″ title=”Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain” /]

[amazon box=”B004SGZ610″]

The Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain is a fantastic choice for people who are fans of the all-natural makeup look. Rather than adding an external stroke of colors to your lips, this lip balm blends in and intensifies the lip’s natural color.

It is a two-product that can also double up as a cheek tint. When applied to the cheeks, it changes color according to the skin’s undertone and acquires a color that naturally complements the skin’s complexion. If you are looking for a lip stain that will not let you down, consider this affordable lip stain for daily use.

While adding some color, the product also serves as a lip balm. The formula of the lip stain is enriched with hydrating ingredients like beeswax, avocado butter, olive butter, and rose wax. All the ingredients of the lip stain are natural, so you can be certain that you are not exposing your body to any toxic or harmful chemicals.

6. [amazon link=”B07H5TCKH2″ title=”Lóreal Paris Makeup Matte Lip Stain” /]

[amazon box=”B07H5TCKH2″]

If you want plumper lips with a hint of color, the L’Oreal Paris Makeup Matte Lip Stain should be your go-to product. It is formulated like a liquid lipstick, but the plus point is the fact that it does not dry the lips as a liquid lipstick does. This surely qualifies it as one of the best drugstore lip stains, especially for those who are on a budget.

Another amazing feature of this lip stain is the fact that it is available in a handful of amazing colors. Therefore, there is inclusivity in the range in terms of color shades. Plus, the color of the lip stain shows differently on everyone adding a customized touch to the lip stain.

The toe shaped applicator of the lip stain makes it easy to apply. You can use the pointed tip to define the shape of the lips and then fill in the rest of the lips using the flat side of the applicator. It ensures even distribution of the color across the lips. Once applied, the lip stain will not budge throughout the day. Thus you get the feel and longevity of a liquid lipstick without the sticky and drying element.

7. [amazon link=”B001POADA2″ title=”CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain” /]

[amazon box=”B001POADA2″]

Some people are a fan of the liquid lip stain formulation. Presented in the form of a marker, this lip stain from COVERGIRL is very easy to apply and distributes evenly on top of the surface of the lips. The formula of the lip stain is so lightweight and gentle that you will barely realize you are wearing it.

The pen’s tip is an ideal tool to help you line your lips and shape them as desired. This also makes the product travel-friendly and ideal to carry in your everyday bag. It is a very gentle lip stain that adds a slight tint to the lips rather than showing up as a very bold or vivid color.

The lip stain has a glossy finish, so it makes the lips shiny and plump. You can also use it on top of any lipstick to add a slightly glittery finish to the lips if desired. Since it is a marker form lip stain, you do not have to sharpen it or apply it with any brush or applicator. Remove the lid, and the lip stain is ready to be applied straightaway. How convenient does that sound!

8. [amazon link=”B00LLV8NNS” title=”Tint & Sass Lip + Cheek Stain” /]

[amazon box=”B00LLV8NNS”]

If you are a fan of carrying minimal and multipurpose makeup products, the Tints and Sass from Elizabeth Mott is an ideal candidate for your makeup collection. It is a long-lasting lip stain that can also be used as a cheek stain.

The formula of this tint ensures long-lasting color without drying your lips or making them feel cracked. Moreover, the tint smells amazing. Unlike other lip stains, which have an irritating chemical-like smell, this one has a very pleasant and mild smell that does not irritate at all.

It is a product that will last you for years to come. The liquid-based texture makes it easy to apply and ensures that a small amount of the product goes a long way. One drop is enough to add a subtle touch of color to your lips. But you can always build up the color of the lip stain by layering it up.

The bottle of the lip stain itself is quite compact yet spill-proof. The applicator is simple and can be used for application on both lips as well as the cheeks. It blends away easily and evenly and does not feel patchy on the lips.

9. [amazon link=”B007S9JFDO” title=”Elf Cosmetics Lip Stain” /]

[amazon box=”B007S9JFDO”]

The elf lip stain will not only add color to your lips, but it will also make them bigger and plumper. Shaped in the form of a marker, this lip stain is very easy to apply and carry around. The tip of the marker is soft yet precise, so you can line your lips to an exact shape. Once satisfied with the shape, go ahead and fill in the lips for an amazing brush of color.

The lip stain features a long lasting formula, which means you will not see the color fade away. Once applied, the lip stain will last for hours no matter what. Eat what you want or drink from a cup or a straw. You will not see the color budge or transfer at all.

Unlike other marker-based lip stains, which only add color to the lips, this one has a hydrating formula that is enriched with Vitamin E so that the lips can feel repaired and moisturized. Regular use of this product will lead to softer lips that are not cracked or chapped.

10. [amazon link=”B07BHLT7N1″ title=”Passionate Twist Velvet Tint” /]

[amazon box=”B07BHLT7N1″]

The Passioncat Twist Velvet Tint is known for being one of the best creamy lip stains for dry lips. It features a very bright color on the lips. That will last the entire day. The lip stain does not feel heavy or drying on the lips. Rather it is moisturizing and nourishing.

This best drug store lip stain not only colors the lips but also plumps them. The natural hydrating ingredients of this lip stain nourish the lips and prevent drying and chapping.

The applicator and packaging of the lip stain are also commendable. The lip stain glides onto the lips evenly and smoothly. The creamy and smooth texture of the lip stain provides heavy coverage while giving a natural look.

Buyer's Guide: what to look for in the best drugstore lip stain?

It is likely that by the time you have reached this section, you would have already become a fan of lip stains. If yes, you should be aware of a couple of things before you go ahead and buy yourself a lip stain. These factors will ensure that you make the right choice and select the lip stain that is best for you based on your needs.


The formula of the lip stain is a very important aspect that has to be taken into consideration at all costs. Always pick a lip stain that comes with a nourishing formula. The lip stain should not only add color to your lips, but it should also serve as a moisturizer.

The lip stains that have drying ingredients leave the lips chapped and flaky. Therefore, such lip stains are not ideal for regular use as they will end up damaging your lips over time. Rather look for ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, shea butter, and other natural fruit extracts that will lock in the moisture of your lips and provide richer, plumper, and softer lips naturally.

Lasting Power

No one likes it when their lipstick suddenly fades and disappears from certain areas of the lip when they drink something or eat something. The color of a lip stain should be long-lasting. It should stay on the lips despite anything. This is especially important if you do not wish to keep re-applying your lip stain throughout the day. The lip stain that you pick should be long-lasting as well as transfer-proof, so you do not stain anything. The best lip stain for regular use is the one that lasts longer and does not transfer easily.


Some people have a preference for a certain texture. Lip stains also come in a number of different textures. Some lip stains are creamy. Others are bullet or crayon shaped while there are some variations that are in the form of a liquid. The choice of the texture of the lip stain is totally based on your own preference and comfort level. But generally, the liquid from lip stains are the most long-lasting and easiest to blend. But at the same time, these are not moisturizing in nature. The creamy formulations are rich in terms of moisture, but they tend to transfer easily. You have to pick a creamy lip stain or a water-based lip stain based on your preference and desires.

Smell and Flavors

Some lip stains have a certain smell or flavor. Although many people prefer this added feature, some people get irritated by it too. The choice of whether to buy a flavored or neutral lip stain is purely personal and depends on one’s own liking. However, it is recommended that you do not pick a lip stain with a very strong smell as it can become irritating over time. The best lip stain for dry lips is the one that does not have a lot of fragrance or flavor.

Yes. You can always pair lipstick with the best drugstore lip stains. The moisturizing lip stain can be used underneath the lipstick to hydrate and moisturize the lips. At the same time, glossy lip stains can be used to add a sheen and shine on top of the lipstick. People also pair lipsticks and lip stains to customize colors of their own liking.

No. Not all lip stains are transfer-proof and long-lasting. Generally, creamy and crayon lip stains are not transfer-proof. But liquid lip stains are considered to be long-lasting lip stains for everyday use. Therefore if you are looking for lip stains that stay all day without the need of re-applying, you should go for liquid lip stains rather than a crayon or creamy lip stains.

  • Not all lip stains are moisturizing. Creamy lip stains are more moisturizing than any other form of lip stain. For choosing the best moisturizing lip stain, you should take a look at the ingredients of the lip stain that you are going to purchase. Ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin e, natural fruit extracts, and essential oils are a sign that the lip stain will be moisturizing. You can also know about this through the description that is mostly given on the packaging of the lip stain.

No. Not all the lip stains discolor your lips. However, low quality and cheap lip stains do cause discoloration of the lips. Therefore, to ensure that the lip stain will not cause any discoloration, one should look for the ingredient list and make sure that there is no ingredient mentioned on it that would make your lips dry or discolored. The best affordable lip stain should be vegan and be of the best quality.

No. Every lip stain does not have a smell or flavor. If a lip stain is flavored or fragrant, it is mentioned in the description of the product. Generally, fruity and floral lip stains come with a flavor and a fragrance. People can get their favorite flavors and smell. And if you are someone who prefers a lip stain without any smell or flavor, you can opt for non-flavored lip stains.  

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