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While we would all love to stay young and vital forever, the inescapable passage of time wears on us all the same. That said, you could still do plenty to hold back the floodwaters of Father Time by taking care of yourself and practicing healthy lifestyle habits.

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Bee Friendly Skincare

Best Natural Organic Eye Cream

To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness in just 4 weeks, you should try ILight Organic Advanced Brightening and Line Smoothing Eye Treatment. This is a unique blend of natural oils and plant extracts.

The iLight is very moisturizing without an oily feel at all. The product has a fantastic fragrance so it is very nice to wear it every day.

The pump dispenser is good and easy to get out the right amount of cream and not to waste it.

Of course, you could always go a step further as well by introducing a self-care routine. One of the best self-care tasks you can include in this routine is a skin care regimen that involves taken care of different parts of skin differently. As the windows to the soul, the eyes are arguably the most important and telling part about a person. As such, it only makes sense to keep the window frames in good shape, and a great way to do that is with eye cream.

What is the Best Organic Eye Cream in 2020?

Still, some people’s skin is extra sensitive requiring an organic formula, though figuring out which eye cream is the best organic eye cream for you can be a difficult and confusing task. That is why we have put together a list of the 7 best organic eye cream, highlighting what each one does best. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can find the organic eye cream to best suit your needs.
Sweetsation Therapy I’Light
(Editor’s Choice)
0.5 fl ozCreamPump
Bee Friendly Skincare
(People’s Choice)
2 fl ozCreamJar
1 fl ozCreamJar
1.05 fl ozGelPump
1 fl ozCreamJar
(Best Price)
0.5 fl ozGelPump
1 fl ozCreamJar
1 fl ozCreamPump

1. Sweetsation Therapy I’Light – Best Organic Eye Cream (Editor’s Choice)

Sweetsation Therapy I’Light review

This company may not necessarily have the experience and history that you would normally look for in a high-end skin care product manufacturer, make no mistake that Sweetsation Therapy is one of the best organic eye cream you can find.

This is because a long time beauty and skincare insider who understood what all the bigger companies were doing to dilute the quality of their product in the name of saving money founded the company.

To that end, Sweetsation Therapy may not be the least expensive skincare manufacturer out there, but you get what you pay for which is why we have rated the Sweetsation Therapy I’Light eye cream as our Editor’s Choice.

An All-Around Eye Cream

One of the most difficult aspects when choosing an eye cream is that most of them are designed to be used for specific settings.

For example, an eye cream that seeps into your skin and provides rich moisture and a variety of vitamins will likely need to sit on your face undisturbed overnight.

On the other hand, there are a number of eye cream gels that are meant to provide a quick benefit that lasts all day but does not penetrate the same way. The Sweetsation Therapy I’Light eye cream attempts to bridge this gap by providing a formula that will absorb and dry quickly enough for the morning while still providing deep benefits if worn overnight.

Good All-Around Performance

While the Sweetsation Therapy I’Light eye cream was not technically the best performing eye cream that we saw, which will almost always be an eye cream worn overnight, it provides some of the best all-day wear and accomplishes this is a big part with the ingredients.
Specifically, the Sweetsation Therapy I’Light eye cream uses more ingredients that are known for their antioxidant qualities than perhaps any other eye cream we saw. This means that the Sweetsation Therapy I’Light eye cream will offer plenty of protection from further damage throughout the day while also being able to help repair some of the damage already done.
Sweetsation Therapy I Light Organic Advanced Brightening & Line Smoothing Eye Treatment Review

  • Is a cruelty-free eye cream
  • Fights aging with antioxidants
  • Reduces puffiness with stimulants
  • Smooths with plant oils
  • Repairs sun damage
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Is all natural
  • Has applicator pump
  • Is a more expensive organic eye cream
  • Not the best for dark circles

2. Bee Friendly Skincare – Best Natural Organic Eye Cream (People’s Choice)

Bee Friendly Skincare review

Bee Friendly Skincare is definitely an interesting story, though it is not actually very original as far as many of the other brands on this list are concerned though that is a good thing for all of the products involved.

Still, Bee Friendly Skincare is an old company that just recently got around to turning themselves into a business that can service the market on a much larger scale.

Regardless, the company specializes in organic skincare products though they do not make eye cream exclusively with the particular inclusion of bee-harvested ingredients which does mean that this is not a vegan organic eye cream.

Is Artisanally Crafted

Like some of the other best natural organic eye creams that we saw, the Bee Friendly Skincare eye cream is made by hand this time in the paradise islands of Hawaii. This means that the business is still fairly small, all things considered, and lives or dies by the value of its reputation which just so happens to be stellar. On top of that, the Bee Friendly Skincare eye cream is aware of the sustainability movement and ensures that its products do not contain GMOs, gluten, and is not tested on animals or sourced from exploited labor. As such, you can rest comfortably knowing that your purchase benefits more than just you do.

Uses Bee Products

Like many artisanal products, the Bee Friendly Skincare eye cream makes it a point to use locally sourced resources, and in the case of this eye cream, that resource is bees. Keep in mind, the Bee Friendly Skincare eye cream includes honey, beeswax, and other bee products. The most notable of a group that is not even common amongst other bees product based eye creams is the royal jelly produced by the queen, which has antibacterial qualities. This alone makes the Bee Friendly Skincare eye cream stand out as it can also help fight acne.

Bee Friendly Skincare Face & Eye Cream Review!

  • Comes in a jar
  • Smooths with plant oils
  • Handmade in Hawaii
  • Is a GMO-free eye cream
  • Is Gluten free
  • Is a cruelty-free eye cream
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Helps fight acne
  • Can be used on the entire face
  • Is a more expensive organic eye cream
  • Not the most effective

3. Queen Bee – Best Organic Under Eye Cream

Queen Bee reviewThough Queen Bee may have a lot in common with many of the other companies on our list, one thing that truly sets it apart from the overwhelming majority of their competition is that not only they specialize in organic skincare products, but Queen Bee specializes exclusively on this singular skin care product.

This means that not only the company’s fortunes hinged on this product to be high quality but also Queen Bee has nothing else to distract them from putting out the best organic under eye cream that they can. That said, this is definitely a distinct eye cream that is not going to be suited for all situations.

Hits All the Targets

In a different setting, the Queen Bee eye cream would likely be our Editor’s Choice, but because of some limitations, it will not work as well for all people.

That said, if you are willing to use this product as intended, you could see some of the most marked improvement in the skin around your eyes out of all the products we found. In fact, this is one of the few products that we saw that could help with the 4 biggest issues concerning skin around the eyes: hydration, protection from damage, smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines, and lightening of dark circles and age spots but there is a catch.

Not for Going Out

The only thing holding back the Queen Bee eye cream from being the best on our list is that it is a bad eye cream to put on right before you go out. This is because the eye cream itself takes a while before it even activates once it is put on your skin and is not at all suitable for putting makeup over top not to mention how long it will take before you could even attempt to do so.

Still, if you use this as an eye skin evening treatment, then you can expect to see the best results both with this product and arguably compared to any other product we saw either.

Bee Naturals Queen Bee Peeper Keeper Eye Balm REVIEW

  • Comes with 5 oz of cream
  • Handmade in Pocono Mountains
  • Does not contain preservatives
  • Smooths with plant oils
  • Fights aging with antioxidants
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Comes in a jar
  • Lightens dark circles
  • Is a less expensive organic eye cream
  • Not the creamiest texture
  • Wears heavy and oily

4. Eminence Organic Skincare – Best Organic Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Eminence Organic Skincare reviewOut of all the companies on our list, few are likely as deserving of respect and prestige as Eminence Organic Skincare which is not only one the most experienced manufacturers of skincare products but one of the most innovative as well.

In fact, in the 6 decades that Eminence Organic Skincare has been around the company has consistently reorganized itself to best adapt to the issues of the day.

In this instance, this means that Eminence Organic Skincare is a B corporation, which necessitates a sustainable and philanthropic goal making it by far the best organic eye cream gel that we saw.

Perfect Morning Eye Cream

One of the first things that should stand out about the Eminence Organic Skincare eye cream when compared to most of the other products on our list is its consistency. Specifically, this refers to the type of eye cream and rather than being a traditional eye cream, the Eminence Organic Skincare eye cream is a gel eye cream and is intended to be used in situations where you do not have a great deal of time.

Your skin quickly absorbs the gel and anything that is not absorbed dries into a sheer thin film that does not interfere with rest of your morning routine like putting on makeup while still providing protection throughout the day.

Great for Dark Circles

Considering how long Eminence Organic Skincare has been around and the various changes it has undergone during that time, it should surprise no one that they have developed a number of proprietary ingredients that not only provide increased benefit but are safe for most skin types as well.

For the Eminence Organic Skincare eye cream gel, this is primarily the inclusion of Eyebright, which is a blend of ingredients that are designed specifically to help lighten the skin around your eyes great for those rough mornings. It also provides the best skin moisturizer out there, hyaluronic acid, to keep your skin fresh and bright.
  • Is an eye cream gel
  • Has applicator pump
  • Provides the most eye cream
  • Fights aging with antioxidants
  • Reduces inflammation with extracts
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Eyebright lightens dark circles
  • Smooths with plant oils
  • Reduces puffiness with stimulants
  • Is the most expensive eye cream reviewed
  • Not the best for smoothing wrinkles

5. Mary Ann’s Naturals – Best Organic Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin

Mary Ann’s Naturals reviewMary Ann’s Naturals is not only a brand that is focused on presenting an alternative to all the different skincare products that are more ambivalent about the possible long term side effects of some of their ingredients, this company was a direct result of that information coming to light.

Shortly after a major article was published on the ingredient dangers of most popular skincare brands, Mary Ann Andersen, the Mary Ann of Mary Ann’s Naturals skincare products, started this company to provide a safe alternative.

Luckily, this means that the ingredients used also make it ideally suited as the best organic eye cream for sensitive skin.

Designed for Evening

One thing to keep in mind when looking for eye creams is that some of them are suited for putting on before going out while others are intended to be worn overnight. The Mary Ann’s Naturals eye cream definitely falls into the latter category as this formula is thick and wear too heavily and oily to put makeup on top of.

That said, this is a great eye cream if you are looking for a product to hydrate your face while also smoothing out wrinkles both of which are provided in a large part due to the cocoa butter base that is then infused with various oils and plant extracts or infusions. Even better, this is one of the few eye creams that we reviewed which could be used on your entire face, not just around your eyes.

The Most Delicate

Even amongst products that are ostensibly designed for people with sensitive skin, there is still not a one size fits all formula perfect for every person. Moreover, many of these eye creams for sensitive skin will still contain ingredients that can irritate extra sensitive skin. To that end, the Mary Ann’s Naturals eye cream goes the extra mile, making sure that the ingredients they use are all-natural and give the product the highest rating from the EWG which is an organization specifically designed to grade the safety of products to be used on or in their body. This is likely in part because not only are all the ingredients natural, but the Mary Ann’s Naturals eye cream is also gluten free as well as GMO-free though it is not vegan.

  • Is a handmade eye cream
  • Is a less expensive organic eye cream
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Smooths with plant oils
  • Can be used on the entire face
  • Is gluten free
  • Is a GMO-free eye cream
  • Best EWG rating
  • Comes in a jar
  • Does not provide antioxidants
  • Wears heavy and oily

6. InstaNatural – Best Organic Eye Cream for Wrinkles (Best Price)

InstaNatural reviewIn an unsurprising turn of events, InstaNatural started out as a small, locally-owned brand that specialized in organic skincare products that became popular in short order as the market suddenly exploded half a decade ago.

That said, InstaNatural handled this transition better than most and was able to quickly bring to market a product that was able to compete with the professional products in all regards.

As such, this allows InstaNatural to focus on the upstart mission of capturing market share leading them to keep their prices as low as possible.

A Specific Setting

The InstaNatural eye cream is actually one of the few products on our list that is actually an eye cream gel, meaning it is intended to be used primarily before going out for one reason or another. That said, the InstaNatural eye cream is not quite as specialized as some eye cream gels as this product can be used to enrich and protect your entire face rather than just your eyes.

The use of an applicator pump also makes putting this eye cream on much quicker and easier than if it had been packaged in a jar though that is exceedingly rare for eye cream gels. This eye cream is mostly absorbed and whatever else dries thin quickly, though most of the benefits are centered on protecting your skin from the potential elements like sun damage or drying out.


Considering that the company is actually fairly young and still relatively small, it is all the more impressive that the brand has come out with a number of different innovations in the ingredients and formulation of different products.

For the InstaNatural eye cream specifically, one of the best benefits is the inclusion of the Matrixyl 3000 ingredient, which is a peptide combination that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and is the ideal ingredient for even the most sensitive skin. On top of that, the InstaNatural eye cream also uses plant stem cells, though this is definitely a bit more experimental in terms of achieved benefit though it poses no risk.

  • Is the least expensive organic eye cream reviewed
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Has applicator pump
  • Is an eye cream gel
  • Fights aging with antioxidants
  • Uses plant stem cells
  • Can be used on the entire face
  • Smooths wrinkles with Matrixyl 3000
  • Reduces puffiness with cucumber extract
  • Has recently declined
  • Not ideal for dark circles

7. LuxeOrganix  – Organic Eye Cream

LuxeOrganix Organic Eye Cream review

A Moisturizer to Make You Look Younger

The Luxe Organix is a lotion that’s formulated with organic materials. It reduces the number of wrinkles on the face that leads to skin aging.

While it won’t completely take away all cracks and ridges, you will notice a big difference once the application is finished, particularly in the area closest to the eyes (bags).

It’s not greasy at all so use if your skin isn’t dry.

Long Lasting Remedy

Being that it’s a moisturizer, you may put on more than what’s needed, but don’t worry about doing so too much.

The product sold in a plastic container that should last for a month or longer. Irritation is solely dependent on heavy application but rarely occurs.
Once your eyes become comfortable with it, nothing’s likely to occur at all. Recommended for its natural ability to lift the face of wrinkles, letting the user appear refreshed and invigorated.
  • Takes away wrinkles and crevices underneath and around the eyelids
  • Non-greasey formula that’s well suited for both dry and oily skin types
  • Cruelty free
  • Contains no toxic dyes or perfumes
  • May cause slight irritation, especially when used in heavy amounts

8. Poppy Austin – Best Organic Anti Aging Eye Cream

Poppy Austin reviewPoppy Austin is a bit unique for a couple of reasons though arguably one of the more important is that it is owned and operated by women. This means that the people who make this product are the same people who use this product, and it is unlikely they would want to make and use a product that did not work.

That said, this company does not specialize in products specifically for eye skincare, though they do at least focus on skincare more broadly. That said, the brand became notable for a particular product that has since served as the backbone for the rest of their lineup.

A Special Focus

While most eye creams are designed to tackle many different issues, some of them will have a particular focus that makes them especially well-suited for different issues. When it comes to the Poppy Austin eye cream, this focus is placed squarely on the prevention of aging with numerous ingredients, which act to protect your skin from damage.

This is primarily accomplished through the inclusion of various ingredients, which either are or contain antioxidants to prevent the damage caused by free radicals. While this is not the only benefit, it is definitely leaned on more than most, though it makes it a point to exclude any fillers that might otherwise affect the skin in subtler ways.

Offers Broad Use

While eye creams are ostensibly intended to be used for the skincare around your eyes, plenty of companies seek to provide a better value by making a skincare product that can be used on your whole face but provides distinct benefits to the skin around your eyes.

In this regard, the Poppy Austin eye cream provides a great everyday value that is only enhanced by the airless pump applicator, allowing you to quickly apply the eye cream wherever you want, wherever you are. On top of that, this is the only eye cream we saw that noted it was Kosher and is cruelty-free, meaning they do not test their products on animals.
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Does not contain fillers
  • Is a cruelty-free eye cream
  • Fights aging with antioxidants
  • Reduces puffiness with stimulants
  • Is a less expensive organic eye cream
  • Uses recycled materials
  • Can be used on the entire face
  • Is a kosher organic eye cream
  • Not ideal for overly sensitive skin
  • Not the best for smoothing wrinkles

Best Organic Eye Cream Review – Buyer’s Guide


IngredientsThere are a whole host of wonderful ingredients that can provide legitimate benefit for the quality and care of the skin around your eyes.

That said, for sensitive skin, it is often just as much about what is not in the eye cream as much as it is about what is in the eye cream.

This is because various ingredients can irritate or otherwise affect the skin around the eyes, which is already sensitive, to begin with. That said, there are a couple common culprits that are the most likely offenders in the majority of eye creams that may irritate sensitive skin.


This is by far one of the worst ingredients for people who have sensitive skin as this ingredient can both dry out as well as inflame the skin. In practice, this results in your eyes looking red as well as showing all of the fine lines even if you do not normally have wrinkles. That said, there are some types of mild alcohol that form the base solution for an ingredient that will not interact with even most sensitive skin in this way, but those are usually plant-based in nature as opposed to something like cetyl alcohol.


FragranceFragrances are another no-no primarily because they are usually a part of the ingredient that does not otherwise provide a positive benefit.

This may not always apply for certain ingredients, especially plant oils and extracts, but a majority of noted fragrances as ingredients are either highly concentrated to the point that they can affect sensitive skin or they are synthetic compounds that can similarly irritate.

If a cream has a natural scent based on natural ingredients, it should not be too terribly strong and is likely okay but if the scent is noted in the ingredients, sensitive should likely stay away.


The type of eye cream will generally determine a number of qualities such as how well it stretches, how quickly the skin absorbs it, and when or for what setting you should use it.

In the broad spectrum, there are two main types of eye cream: the standard eye cream though this can come in a number of different consistencies as well as the gel. Though these two types are used to improve the same qualities, their indicated use is far different and often designed for specific settings or circumstances.


Type CreamThis is the standard type of eye cream that has been used for centuries millennia depending on your interpretation. While originally only dispensed in jars, eye cream is now just as often applied with a pump due to a much wider range of formulae and consistencies.

As such, there is cream no heavier than a light lotion, but there are also creams as thick and heavy as honey.

This necessitates a strict delineation between these different creams with the heavier, thicker eye creams being reserved primarily for an evening skincare routine.


Eye cream gel was the answer to the problem of eye cream not being absorbed by the skin or drying quickly enough for the modern, busy woman to put on her makeup in the morning. As such, eye cream gel is noted primarily for one of two qualities: either the gel is absorbed by the skin within 15 minutes or less or the gel dries into a super thin film that is then stable enough on its own to support the application of makeup without then affecting the end result.

This is incredibly convenient when trying to get ready in the morning, but it also means that eye cream gels pack less of a punch and are not as effective for overnight treatments as a traditional thick eye cream.


conclusionAs we can see, there are so many different qualities about the skin around the eye that can have issues that no single product will be able to provide the best results for all people.

As such, instead of searching for the objectively best organic eye cream, it is a better idea to figure out which potential issues you need your eye cream to address most.

While it is not the best for dark circles under the eyes, the Sweetsation Therapy I’Light organic eye cream still provides some of the best results that we found for most of the other areas of importance.

That said, arguably one of the biggest reasons we recommend this eye cream so much is that it does the best job of protecting your skin throughout the day which is likely the cause of most issues with the skin around the eyes.

Of course, not everyone is going to be as comfortable spending so much on a product that is arguably a luxury far more than it is a need, but there are plenty of great budget-friendly options too.

For us, we recommend the InstaNatural, which, though its formula is not quite as good as it once was, is still an exceptionally well performing product. In fact, this is one of the few organic eye cream manufacturers that had gone the extra mile to develop proprietary blends and ingredients.

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