Best Moisturizer for Relaxed Hair

Best Moisturizer for Relaxed HairHair care has always been an important part of nearly everyone’s daily lives. It’s something that must be done to keep it from aging and tends to get dry very easily.

Hair moisturizers help to counter these effects by adding nutrients into the hair and scalp, keeping it healthy throughout the day.

What is the Best Moisturizer for Relaxed Hair in 2020?

To get the most out of your hair, check out the seven Top Hair Moisturizer below, which are specifically designed to keep your head (or beard) looking great and fueling growth. They each have their own individual advantages, with the first two being most highly recommended.

Active IngredientSizeOrganic 
Teddie Organic
(Editor’s Choice)
Rosehip Oil1-4 ouncesYes
Viva Naturals
(People’s Choice)
Coconut Oil16 ouncesYes
Teak Naturals
(Best Price)
Jojoba4 ouncesYes (Not USDA Cert.)
Shea Butter16 ouncesYes (Not USDA Cert.)
Argan Oil8.45 Fluid OuncesNo (Non-Organic Ingredients)
Castor Oil16 ouncesYes (Not USDA Cert.)
Carrot Seed Oil1-2 ouncesYes (Not USDA Cert.)

1. Teddie Organics  – Best Moisturizer for Relaxed Hair (Editor’s Choice)

Teddie Organics Organic Rosehip Oil review

Versatile for all Skin Types

If your scalp tends to dry up no matter what oil you’ve used before, Teddie Organics Rosehip Oil is the best for you. Rosehip Oil, when placed on the skin, leaves a moisturized look and feel that’s not greasy.

Grease is one of the primary complaints among hair products of this category, but you shouldn’t have any problems with accelerated oily skin when this is applied, even if you live in a humid region.

Thin is More

Sold in a glass bottle, the oil itself is quite thin. The top has a built-in stopper as well, so you can measure out the exact amount you need for your hair.

This is also very useful for beards, so don’t be afraid to massage it onto facial hair (if you’re a guy). After washing, just add a small portion to your head hair, focusing on edges the most since those areas tend to dry out quicker.

It decreases acne and maintains control for those suffering from serious breakouts. But keep in mind that this attribute tends to have varying degrees of effectiveness on an individual basis.
Overall, the Teddie Organics Rosehip Oil is the top choice on the list, owed to its light formula. Light tends to be compatible with more people, and the oil should match up with any skin type without causing allergic reactions.

Just go easy on it, not much is needed to keep your hair hydrated.

Morning Skin Care w/ Teddie Organics Rose Water & Rosehip Oil

  • Add moisture to the scalp without a buildup of oil
  • Lightweight and doesn’t cause the hair to feel “heavy”
  • Comes with a dropper to make application easier to gauge
  • For very dry skin, not as effective due to thin liquid
  • The dropper may leak when oil when filled to the top
  • May require more than one use daily for hair to remain moisturized
  • Easy to use too quickly, small bottle might not be enough for people with thick hair
  • For people with acne, the oil isn’t an effective way to treat breakouts

2. Viva Naturals  – For Hair Growth (People’s Choice)

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil review

Coconuts for Hair Fuel

For people experiencing hair loss, it can be a hard thing to negate. This isn’t exclusively an elderly problem, either. There’s plenty of young people who lose their hair before they even hit 30.

It’s no wonder that so many users have raved about Viva Naturals’ Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The formula is made to combat the issues that make it easy for hair to age fast.

Cooking, Baking, Hairstyling

When you’re not using it for your hair, there are also alternative things for you to make use of (in regards to the oil). Cooking and baking are some ideas.

It goes well with nearly anything that’s seared, so try it out with steamed vegetables when you have the time. But for most, hair it where it’s at. It almost looks and feels like lotion. You’ll want to apply after your hair is completely dry, however.

The oil feels wet to the touch when you’re working it in the head. It is also very slippery, so try to use in spare amounts that won’t leave residue on anything once you’re finished putting it in your hair.

Best Viva Labs Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 2016 Reviews

  • Hair regrowth will be noticed during the period that the oil is used
  • Can be used for alternative purposes, such as baking and cooking
  • Large 16 ounce container lasts much longer than essential oils sold in small bottles
  • When applied, the hair will feel wet, especially when a large amount is used
  • Takes several minutes for the oil to completely absorb into the scalp and beard

3. Teak Naturals – Jojoba Oil for Hydration (Best Price)

JOJOBA OIL by Teak Naturals review

Stop the Flaking

Dandruff looks and feels itchy. The flaky, white substance you might have seen in your head before is a combination of dirt and dry skin that comes up when the hair’s not moist.

Many different types of shampoo can lead to such occurrences, especially for those who don’t use conditioner very often. Jojoba Oil by Teak Naturals is great for people who want to stick to natural hair care products.

There aren’t many items listed in the ingredients, so it’s safe to say that the product is probably correct in its “organic” status.

There’s no indication of it being USDA Certified but that doesn’t always determine a truly organic product, so to speak (discussed in detail in the Buyer’s Guide).

Jojoba Moderation

One ingredient that could be of issue is iodine, so don’t use if you’re certain that an allergic reaction could happen. For those who are allergic, using it might lead to rashes, so look at some of the other products shown instead.

Others will see significant decreases in dandruff, even if conditioners aren’t favored. The feel is slightly oily as well and you’ll want to moderate yourself; don’t put on too much if you already have problems with oily skin.

Anyhow, jojoba oil nourishes and prevents itchiness well, and is recommended for use after shaving and in dry environments.

  • Reverses the damage (cracking, scars) that’s synonymous with dandruff
  • Eliminates flaking and shedding throughout the scalp
  • Has lots of vitamins and Omega-3’s listed in the ingredients
  • Contains iodine, a substance that can potentially allergic reactions
  • Difficult for the product to dry (for people with oily skin)

4. Shea Moisture – Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner for Frizzled Hair

Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner review

Mixing high-class Ingredients

Leave in conditioners are plenty, but most of them have the common problem of being a little too greasy and wet.

When placed in the hair, a bad leave-in might lead to acne and a dirty scalp, something that encourages fungal growth and eventually, hair loss.

Shea Moisture Leave-in Conditioner is in a league of its own.

The combination of both shea butter and coconut oil helps add hydration while ridding the scalp of bacterial growth for the time it remains in the hair.

The Secret to its Nourishment

The container isn’t glass. Instead, it’s sold in a plastic canister that should last for a long time after its purchase. People with dry hair will see the most benefits, but feel free to try if yours is straight and/or oily.

Limit your use to once a day and the hair will begin to grow very fast over a short time period, encourage by its ingredients that harbor fatty acids and vitamins.

They penetrate the scalp and block new follicles from thinning out and falling from their roots. Shea Moisture is suggested for anyone with curly and frizzled hair and shies away from the standard “wet” conditioners.

SheaMoisture Strengthen Grow & Restore Leave In | First Impression

  • After applied, doesn’t need to be washed out
  • Counters bacterial and fungal growth
  • Good smell that’s not overbearing
  • When a lot is used, the oil may stain clothing in humid environments
  • May not alleviate severe dandruff and flaking

5. Arvazallia – Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner for Styled Hair

Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia review

Argan Blend that Conditions

Professional Series Hydrating Argan Oil utilizes the Moroccan-hailed plant, along with a bevy of other nutrient-rich chemicals that aren’t truly organic but will give you better leverage when you need a product that thickens new growth.

In other words, use this if your hair’s showing signs of thinning out in patches. But don’t just use in those areas.

Feel free to try it as a leave-in conditioner but most appear to substitute for ordinary brands that you’d place in the hair and wash shortly after shampooing.

Style over Substance

To go back to the ingredients, you may not be familiar with some of them. Others are questionable in their effectiveness at keeping the hair moisturized. For example argan oil.

Most argan oil products are sold in glass containers, which helps to prevent it from going bad too quickly. Granted, this is a hair lotion, so that might not be a huge problem for you.

But don’t expect to get all the benefits from other argan oils that don’t contain anything more besides the oil itself.

And you might have to apply this more than once a day for your hair to stay hydrated; some consumers have reported fast drying, even after the conditioner was applied not long ago.

Generally speaking, it’s not a bad product and is especially recommended for people with dyed hair, since they tend to apply more conditioner in the scalp regardless.

  • Helps small areas of thinning hair become healthier for encouraged growth
  • Hair stays light after its worked into the scalp; doesn’t feel too heavy
  • Thick oil means fewer times it needs to be used during the day
  • The product contains and mixture of ingredients alongside argan oil, which could be more effectives when purchased on its own
  • May cause irritation for people with with thin hair

6. Molivera Organics  – Castor Oil for Thin Hair

Molivera Organics Castor Oil review

Hair Medicine for You

Castor oil is unique in being a good hair product for the head, beard, and even eyelashes. You can use it to encourage growth in these areas.

Molivera Organic Castor Oil can be used on top of other hair moisturizers as well, so don’t be afraid to add it with another pure oil, such as argan.

The bottle is pretty large (16 ounces) but doesn’t require that you use a lot. Smell is unique but not bothersome; don’t worry about any odors protruding from your hair after having it on for several hours.

Is it Organic?

This is not a USDA Organic product. Although it claims to be organic, the ingredients prove that it isn’t. This doesn’t bother some people but if you’re picky about using fully certified beauty products for your hair, look for an alternative.

Diluted oils are not organic at all, and since this makes use of dilution during its processing before being bottled, there are fewer nutrients. But this does not stop it from helping your hair grow.

If you place the oil in patchy areas you think are balding, or have a receding hairline, a little near the edges will fuel new growth in places you thought were a loss before.

As such, Molivera Organics Castor Oil scores high for anyone wanting to prevent balding.


  • Suitable to be used for all facial hair, including beards and eyebrows/eyelashes
  • If preferred, can be mixed with other oils to create a unique conditioner that’s fine tuned for the individual’s hair
  • Penetrates deep into the skin, helping hairs below the scalp grow after a period of being dormant; reverses hair loss
  • Formula is diluted, making its organic status incorrect
  • Messy when used; smears on clothing easily unless hands are cleaned after its massaged into the hair

7. Leven Rose – Carrot Seed Oil for Acne Relief

Carrot Seed Oil by Leven Rose review

Food for Your Scalp

Carrot Seed OIl, by Leven Rose, comes in a small glass bottle with a dropper that doesn’t require a lot to moisturize a full head of hair.

But like many pure oils, shorter hair will come out best with the product. If you do have long hair, you’ll notice it shining more and staying dry longer in the day.

You might have to use a tad bit more than normal though, so consider getting more than one bottle, particularly if your hair is very dry and suffers from excessive dandruff.

Smoothing Out Aging

It’s an anti-aging oil, so you can also use it for only your scalp if you want. When added to the face, wrinkles and crevices will fade out over a long period of use, and your eyelashes will even grow further.

Just add a drop to anywhere you have hair and the carrot oil, loaded with carotenoids, will fight off the inflammation that causes acne and cracking. Recommended for people with pimples, breakout, and cuts/bruises on sporadic areas of the face and scalp.

  • Small bottle is easy to carry in outside the home
  • Works quickly to improve the look of dry hair, even when not used immediately after washing
  • Helps scratches and cuts around the scalp and beard heal faster
  • Reduces inflammation
  • The dropper does not hold in oil very well
  • If not conditioner is used beforehand, the oil may dry out too fast and force users to administer more than expected

Best Moisturizer for Relaxed Hair Review– Buyer’s Guide

To get you closer to the oil that will help you most, take a moment to go over the usage guidelines below so you’ll know what type is right for you prior to buying.

How important is Organic?

How important is Organic?Having an organic label on products today has become a selling point for many commodities, including brands that sell items for hair care. In the United States, many companies use the “USDA Organic” to show whether or not a product has been tampered with during the manufacturing or cultivation process.

For hair moisturizers, you’ll come across some oils and conditioners that advertise as being organic but don’t have the USDA label. Technically speaking, USDA status must be purchased by the manufacturer and inspected. It’s not a requirement for beauty items to undergo such processes.

As such, some oils will retail organic oils but won’t have any label markings with USDA on the product itself. If you want to be sure, you can either contact the manufacturer or ask if the oil is diluted or has anything extracted from its raw materials. If the answer is no, then the claim of being organic is probably genuine.

Different Hair Types

Different Hair TypesWhether it be straight, curly, greying, or oily, there’s a hair moisturizer that will fit well with you. Above all else, the key is to understand which products are best for oily and dry hair.

You can have straight or curly hair that’s under both conditions, so be sure to read up on how thick or thin the oil/conditioner is before you decide on which items to try.

For instance, anything that contains coconut will make your head greasy or drier from the amount being used and other ingredients found with the conditioner.

Some incorporate thick oils with the coconut that won’t dry quickly. You could also look at the best essential oil brands that sell products without a combination of those substances included in the bottle. Whatever the case may be, knowing your hair will determine if you like the moisturizer or use it only one time, and never again.


conclusionIf you’re in a hurry to find out which product tops as the best, there’s two that should work well for nearly everyone.

They are Teddie Organic Rosehip Oil and Viva Naturals, a coconut-based moisturizer that can lead to noticeable hair volume increases quickly.

The former ranks high for being light and manageable yet penetrating and long lasting in the scalp and hair follicles. The other oils listed could also serve you well, so consider those if the top picks don’t make the cut.

But no matter what, you’re going to be satisfied with anything chosen since they all feed wholesome nutrients and vitamins into the hair, regardless of age.

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