7 Festive-Ready Lipstick Shades To Try For The Holidays

Red Lipstick

A makeup look is never complete without a swipe of your favorite lipstick shades. If you’re the type who always wanted to try a new shade of lipstick but never got the chance or the strength to, the holiday season is the perfect time for you to do so. This holiday season you got an excuse to try fun, festive-ready lipstick shades! From holiday red to bold black lipstick shades, we’ve rounded up 7 festive-ready lipstick shoes to try for the holidays!

The Holiday Red Lippie

Holiday is the perfect time to try the red lippie. It is a classic shade that every woman should try. It’s one of the lipstick shades that every woman should have on their vanity. Red is a color of confidence, of power. A swipe of red lipstick may just give you a boost of confidence on a bad day or elevate your outfit to a whole new level. The thing about red lipsticks is that it looks so good on everyone! If you wanted to try a bolder color of lipstick shade but not quite ready for colors outside the usual lipstick shades like the blacks and the blues, then this is the perfect festive-ready lipstick shade for you to try!

The Bold Black Hippie

Black Lipstick

Before you go all ballistic on why this shade belongs to the list, hear us out. If you haven’t noticed, big makeup brands are coming out with their black lipstick. Whether you like it or not – the bold black lipstick is back for the season. It’s not everyone’s first choice when it comes to lip color but if you feel bold enough this holiday season, you might want to give this tube of black lipstick a try. If you dare to try this shade, choose one that is moisturizing so it will look high fashion rather than tacky. Another tip is to tone down on the eye makeup when trying out the bold black lippie just to balance things out.

The Eclectic Blue Lippie

Another festive-ready lipstick shade for the brave of heart is blue lipstick. Just like the black lipstick, we are seeing blue lipsticks from big makeup brands and we’re not complaining. If you think black lipstick isn’t for you, you might want to try the eclectic blue shade. It screams F-U-N and we know that holidays should be F-U-N, right? So, it’s a great time to try this shade. When trying out a blue lipstick, remember to keep your other makeup simple. A good foundation, neutral eyes will look great with your eclectic blue lips!

The Metallic Lippie

Metallic Lipstick

The holiday season is associated with everything shimmering and metallic. What better time to try on a metallic lipstick than on holidays! We’re not talking about an extreme glitter case on your lips, just a little bit of shimmer and metallic on the lips is the way to go. Some metallic lipsticks tend to be too tacky and sticky though so it’s best to do some research before buying one.  Good thing is that there are tons of metallic shade lipsticks in the makeup section so take your time to find the metallic lippie that feels right. Once you find it, it’s going to be worth it as you’ll surely shine this holiday season with your metallic lips!

The Fuchsia Lippie

Looking for a lipstick shade that’s in between the reds and the nudes? The Fuchsia lipstick is another fun and bold shade to try on for the holidays! This highly pigmented shade of pink is made for special occasions. Of course, you can wear it every single day if you like but be ready for some good attention when wearing this pretty pop of color on your lips! There are a variety of formulas available – from creamy to matte. Try it on to find out which formula you feel most comfortable with!

The Mid-tone Pink Lippie

Looking for a festive-ready lipstick shade that you can use throughout the year? The mid-tone pink lippie is here to deliver. It may be a little toned down compared to the other lipstick shades on the list but this is definitely a shade that you want to have in your makeup collection. There are endless makeup looks that you can create together with the mid-tone pink lipstick!Dressing up for Christmas eve? Having Christmas day family lunch the day after? The mid-tone pink lipstick got you covered!

The Nude Lippie

Nude Lipstick
One lipstick shade that everyone should try is nude lipstick. Makeup artists and make up enthusiasts alike rave about nude lips for a reason. It looks good on every skin tone and it is such a versatile lipstick shade. Every girl should have a tube of her favorite nude lipstick on her makeup kit! Although nude lips seem easy to use, it is a pretty tricky shade. You wouldn’t want to look washed out due to the wrong shade of nude lippies. The good news is there are tons of nude lipstick shades to choose from. From high-end makeup brands to drugstore brands offering nude lippies, you’ll surely find the best and most flattering nude lipstick for you. Pair your best nude lips with some glamorous eye makeup and you’re ready for the holidays! Indeed, there is beauty in nude lips.

Tips on How to Rock These 7 Festive-ready Lipstick Shades

With these 7 festive-ready lipsticks, you will never run out of options. Before you go and try it all, here are some tips on how to rock these lipsticks for the holidays.

  • Moisturize your lips! The key to fabulous lips whatever shade you’re wearing is a well-moisturized lip.
  • Scrub away! Using a gentle moisturizing lip scrub is the way to get rid of dry, chapped lips.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Simple, practical, easy but works!

We might be wearing a mask most of the time this year but it doesn’t mean our lips can’t try out these 7 fabulous and fun festive-ready lipstick shades for the holidays! Even if it’s just at a virtual Christmas party or New Year’s Eve celebration, you can still have fun and get dolled up!

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